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Dynamic Page Generator v1.0 script Date 24.01.2004
Used for this page.
mkpath v1.0 cmd asm Date 03.01.2004
Utility for creation of nested path: mkpath.exe c:/dir/subdir
sysview gui asm Date 01.01.2004
Window/process/thread viewer.
dns-mx asm Date 17.12.2003
MX look-up.
dll2inc v1.1 cmd asm Date 10.03.2004
Lists exports of given DLL to FASM include file. Now ability to import in ANSI or UNICODE (/a and /u switches).
Linked List v1.0 asm gui Date 14.12.2003
Example of linked lists in assembly.
Service Control Manager v1.0 cmd asm Date 16.10.2003
Utility for quick loading KMD.
DetectSpy gui win Date 12.08.2003
Detect if spying (for trainers).
Library Name v1.0 asm Date 17.05.2003
Retrieves library name from module handle.
Knob v1.0 asm gui Date 02.05.2003
Example of radial knob in win32 assembly.
ftpbnc v0.4 linux cmd c Date 30.11.2003
FTP control connection proxy with TLS/SSL support. Includes support for local (listening) SSL for additional security.
gzipped tarball, old
circle asm dos graphics Date 03.06.2003
Draws circles in mode 13h.
roto256 asm dos graphics Date 31.05.2003
rotozoomer in 256 bytes (asmcompo #7)
Raw Bitmap win gui asm Date 27.01.2003
Displays monochrome bitmap (32x32) on dialog.
readme screenshot
Dialog Colour win gui asm Date 27.01.2003
Displays how to colour dialogs in Win32 environment.
readme screenshot
SelfSave win gui asm Date 14.01.2003
SelfSave is application that attaches code to foreign process and writes new data onto its own executable using this attached code.
readme screenshot
GVIHook win gui asm Date 12.01.2003
This utility hooks GetVolumeInformation() API in foreign process and prompts user for new volume name when this API is called.
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Machine Reader cmd win asm Date 31.12.2002
Machine Reader is tool that iterates through given file-mask and reads PE machine word from file header.
ImgInfo win Date 15.12.2002
COM library for retrieving dimensions of image.
mBMPView cmd dos asm graphics Date 09.12.2002
Limited 95-byte BMP viewer for DOS.
TopText win gui graphics asm Date 08.12.2002
Demonstrates displaying of transparent text on top of screen.
Threads win gui asm Date 06.12.2002
Example of how to use threads using Win32 API.
readme screenshot
Format File v1.01 cmd win asm Date 01.12.2002
Template file formatting utility.
readme screenshot
Linker Version win asm Date 28.11.2002
This utility retrieves linker version from PE file.
Trillian MSN Static IP Patcher win gui patch asm Date 24.11.2002
Patch for Trillian msn.dll to enable users behind firewalls transfer files through MSN.
strdel win cmd asm Date 23.11.2002
Routine for removal of bytes inside string.
4kb Keygen Template v1.01 win gui graphics asm Date 14.10.2002
4kb keygen template for AntiCrack Contests.
readme screenshot
HTTP Downloader mIRC Script mirc script Date 22.08.2002
Provides interface to download files inside mIRC.
Guestbook ASP Script script Date 18.08.2002
Simple text-file-based guestbook for Active Server Pages.
Tross Intro win graphics asm Date 11.08.2002
Intro for Tross/CRO. http://www.scener.tk/
rc4 cmd asm Date 08.08.2002
RC4 encryptor/decryptor.
Lempel-Ziv 77 Implementation cmd win asm Date 18.07.2002
x86 assembly implementation of Lempel-Ziv 77 compression algorithm.
Image Viewer v1.11 win gui asm Date 15.07.2002
JPEG/GIF/BMP image viewer, using OLE interface.
readme screenshot
Match Routine asm win cmd Date 13.07.2002
x86 assembly implementation of wildcard string matching routine.
Auto-Complete Combo Box win gui asm Date 29.06.2002
Demonstration of auto-complete combo box with Win32 API.
Text File Format Converter cmd win asm Date June 25, 2002
Utility to convert to/from UNIX/DOS text-file formats.
readme screenshot
WinMX Loader v1.01 win asm patch Date 25.05.2002
Memory loader (in-memory patcher) for WinMX v2.6 to disable delete to Recycle Bin Recycle Bin.
Google mIRC Script mirc script Date 17.03.2002
Provides interface to retrieve best Google search result in mIRC.
No Imports v2.1 asm win Date 10.03.2002
Demonstrates non-import-table API resolving.
Flares 4kb Intro v1.1 win graphics asm Date 28.02.2002
4kb intro for asmcompo #6.
readme screenshot
1kb Intro dos graphics asm Date 04.12.2001
1kb intro for asmcompo #5.
Own API Hooker win gui asm Date 22.10.2001
Hooks MessageBoxIndirectA() inside own process.
HTTP Scanner cmd win asm Date 16.08.2001
Scans for 401 (password protected) in Class-C IP range.
Scroller win gui graphics asm c Date 11.08.2001
Several simple and sine-wave side-scrollers in C and win32 assembly.
Tiny Snow v1.1 dos graphics asm Date 06.07.2001
95-byte DOS snow.
Anaglyph v1.01 win gui asm Date 28.05.2001
Image channel combination utility.
Structured Exception Handling win gui asm Date 27.05.2001
x86 assembly implementation of error handling.

Last updated: 25.01.2004