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EFnet #asm Official Homepage

Welcome to the official homepage of EFnet's #asm.

Channel Rules

  1. If you have a question, don't ask to ask it. Simply ask the question.
  2. If you expect to get any decent answer to your question, then you will probably have to ask it several times for at least a day's time to get a reply. Note that there are people living in timezones different than yours.
  3. If your question is not necessarily asm related, but is about some Win32 API, then you can also try #winprog, and #win32, and freenode's #winapi channels.
  4. If you wish to paste some code, then use or a similar service. Do not paste code directly into the channel!
  5. Off-topic discussion is tolerated but not encouraged.
  6. Don't use excessive number of bold/italic/colour formatting in your text.



If you wish to be regulars list, then e-mail me your nickname, your photo/avatar (optional, make sure its 240x180) and a short description, country of origin, maybe an e-mail address or website link or ICQ UIN and I will put this up here.


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