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This page contains various source codes I have written over the years. Most of the stuff here is probably outdated/obsolete/deprecated/irrelevant. Though you may find something useful :). Let me know if there any problems by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

Most of the source codes here that were written for FASM will probably require a version 1.4x of FASM (which is quite old). They will also require additional include/macro files that do not come with the standard FASM package. You can download these here.

, version 1.1 10.03.2004 cmdasm


Lists the exports of a given DLL and produces a FASM include file. Now has the ability to import in ANSI or UNICODE (/a and /u switches). I used this back in the day FASM was still at v1.4, so this might be irrelevant now. Who knows.

, version 1.0 24.01.2004 vbasicscript

Dynamic Page Generator

An old VBScript I used to generate an older version of this site. Not sure why anyone would want to look at this.

, version 1.0 03.01.2004 cmdasm


Utility for creation of nested path: mkpath.exe c:\dir\subdir - will create c:\dir, and then c:\dir\subdir.

17.12.2003 asm


Some assembly code for MX record look-up from a DNS server. Tons of spaghetti code back from the days when I thought asm was really cool. To compile, see the notice above about FASM code.

, version 1.0 14.12.2003 guiasm

Linked List

An example of linked lists in assembly. Has a Win32 dialog GUI, made in FASM.

, version 1.0 16.10.2003 cmdasm

Service Control Manager

Utility for quickly loading a kernel-mode driver and executing it. How it works: connects to NT SCM, creates a new service, runs it.

12.08.2003 winguidelphi


Detect if spying (for trainers). Checks if any known trainer-spying programs are running, as well as if APIs like ReadProcessMemory/WriteProcess memory have been hooked by someone. The routines can be adapted to your own Delphi trainer.

03.06.2003 graphicsdosasm


Draws circles in mode 13h (DOS).

31.05.2003 graphicsdosasm


rotozoomer in 256 bytes (asmcompo #7). In DOS.

, version 1.0 17.05.2003 asm

Library Name

Retrieves library name from module handle. Really, I forgot what this does. I think somebody asked me to make this.

, version 1.0 02.05.2003 guiasm


Example of radial knob in win32 assembly. I remember someone on the Win32asm community boards wanted an example of doing arctangent, so I wrote this.

27.01.2003 winguiasm

Dialog Colour

Displays how to colour dialogs in Win32 environment.

download, readme, screenshot
27.01.2003 winguiasm

Raw Bitmap

Displays monochrome bitmap (32x32) on dialog.

download, readme, screenshot
14.01.2003 winguiasm


SelfSave is application that attaches code to foreign process and writes new data onto its own executable using this attached code. How it works: opens the explorer.exe process, creates a remote thread in there; the remote thread waits until selfsave.exe quits, at which point it opens selfsafe.exe file for writing, and updates a string inside it.

download, readme, screenshot
12.01.2003 winguiasm


This utility hooks GetVolumeInformation() API in foreign process and prompts user for new volume name when this API is called. This is a really quirky way of hooking APIs, but it works. These were my first attempts at API hooking.

download, readme, screenshot
31.12.2002 wincmdasm

Machine Reader

Machine Reader is tool that iterates through given file-mask and reads PE machine word from file header.

download, readme
15.12.2002 winvbasic


COM library for retrieving dimensions of image.

09.12.2002 graphicsdoscmdasm


Limited 95-byte BMP viewer for DOS.

download, readme
08.12.2002 winguigraphicsasm


Demonstrates displaying of transparent text on top of screen. Uses GDI paths and regions to trace out the path drawn by rasterizing a string with some font, converts that path to a region, and sets the region to the window, creating a transparent window.

download, readme
06.12.2002 winguiasm


Example of how to use threads using Win32 API. It has 3 threads running in parallel, all updates a variable. Uses no locks on the variable because I didn't know really know thread programming in 2002. Plus I had a single processor machine back then, so I never really cared.

download, readme, screenshot
, version 1.01 01.12.2002 wincmdasm

Format File

Template file formatting utility. Marginally useful for batch files to insert variables into a template file. Not very flexible.

download, readme, screenshot
28.11.2002 winasm

Linker Version

This utility retrieves linker version from PE file. I think someone on the forums asked me to make this.

download, readme
24.11.2002 winpatchguiasm

Trillian MSN Static IP Patcher

Patch for Trillian's msn.dll to enable users behind firewalls transfer files through MSN. Probably outdated a thousand times over, considering this was made in 2002.

download, readme
23.11.2002 wincmdasm


Assembly routine for removal of bytes inside string.

download, readme
, version 1.01 14.10.2002 winguigraphicsasm

4kb Keygen Template

4kb keygen template for AntiCrack Contests ( I got like 4th place or something, I don't remember.

download, readme, screenshot
22.08.2002 scriptmirc

HTTP Downloader mIRC Script

Provides interface to download files inside mIRC.

download, readme
18.08.2002 scriptasp

Guestbook ASP Script

Simple text-file-based guestbook for Active Server Pages.

11.08.2002 wingraphicsasm

Tross Intro

Intro for Tross/CRO ( Contains some mediocre effects: a sine-waved image, 3D bobs with morphing.

download, screenshot
08.08.2002 cmdasm


RC4 encryptor/decryptor.

18.07.2002 wincmdasm

Lempel-Ziv 77 Implementation

x86 assembly implementation of Lempel-Ziv 77 compression algorithm. Contains assembly routines, plus a command-line interface. The code is pretty well tested, and I actually successfully used in some other projects I had. With the regards to compression ratio, its pretty bad.

download, readme
, version 1.11 15.07.2002 winguiasm

Image Viewer

JPEG/GIF/BMP image viewer, using OLE interface. How it works: we have a simple Win32 window, and we use OleLoadPicture to load a picture. This is useful because you can load JPEG/GIF for your intro/cracktro/keygen/whatever with very little code (the alternatives are ijg/inteljpeg which weigh a lot of kilobytes).

download, readme, screenshot
13.07.2002 wincmdasm

Match Routine

x86 assembly implementation of wildcard string matching routine. Supports * and ? characters. This is really bad spaghetti code which I don't understand anymore. Might have bugs, but I do use it extensively in lots of projects and haven't found a problem so far.

download, readme
29.06.2002 winguiasm

Auto-Complete Combo Box

Demonstration of an auto-complete combo box with Win32 API and asm.

download, readme
, version 1.01 25.05.2002 winpatchasm

WinMX Loader

Memory loader (in-memory patcher) for WinMX v2.6 to delete files for real, instead of moving them to Recycle Bin. Probably outdated since WinMX no longer exists.

download, readme
17.03.2002 scriptmirc

Google mIRC Script

Provides interface to retrieve best Google search result in mIRC. Might not work anymore, considering it was made in 2002.

download, readme
, version 2.1 10.03.2002 winasm

No Imports

Demonstrates non-import-table API resolving. Still very useful snippet of code for injected code/shell code to get a pointer to LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress.

download, readme
, version 1.1 28.02.2002 wingraphicsasm

Flares 4kb Intro

4kb intro for asmcompo #6. I got 2nd place with this, losing out to matja whose entry was in C!

download, readme, screenshot
04.12.2001 graphicsdosasm

1kb Intro

1kb intro for asmcompo #5. Its for DOS, just draws sine-waved palette circles.

22.10.2001 winguiasm

Own API Hooker

Hooks MessageBoxIndirectA() inside own process.

WARNING: I've reviewed this recently and this is crap. Don't use this technique. -comrade, 2010-07-06

download, readme
16.08.2001 wincmdasm

HTTP Scanner

Scans for 401 (password protected) in Class-C IP range.

download, readme
11.08.2001 winguigraphicscasm


Several simple and sine-wave side-scrollers in C and win32 assembly.

download, readme
, version 1.1 06.07.2001 graphicsdosasm

Tiny Snow

95-byte DOS snow.

download, readme
, version 1.01 28.05.2001 winguiasm


Image channel combination utility.

download, readme
27.05.2001 winguiasm

Structured Exception Handling

x86 assembly implementation of error handling.

WARNING: Not very good code, I still didn't fully understand Win32's SEH when I wrote this.

download, readme
June 25, 2002 wincmdasm

Text File Format Converter

Utility to convert to/from UNIX/DOS text-file formats.

download, readme, screenshot


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