comrade's bureau

This page contains a variety of programs. As time permits, I will add description to most of programs I have written and put them here. For the moment, see the sources page for all the rest.

Lokomotiv Trainer Engine An extendable engine for trainers made using FASM. Features an overlay Direct3D/OpenGL hook, encryption, and many other features.
Logitech Orbit Mover A DLL library that controls the pan and tilt of Logitech Orbit/Sphere web-camera.
sysview A system state manipulation tool. Allows to modify properties of windows, processes, threads, etc.
idlechk mIRC script for away notification, and auto-away after some idle time.
mailbot An IRC bot script that implements a messaging service. Users are able to post messages to channel groups, as well as send private messages to each other. Implemented in TCL, for eggdrop.
ftpbnc A light-weight FTP control connection bouncer.
Paster A small tool to quickly paste text online.
PE Tools Collection of tools to deal with PE (portable executable) files.