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mIRC Idle Checker

This is my home-grown mIRC away script.


alias: /away <message>
Marks you as away. Notifies all channels as specified in the %awaychans variable.
variable: %awaymaxidletime
The maximum idle time, in minutes, before you will be automatically set as away.
variable: %awaychans
A concatenated array of strings representing which channels should be notified when you go away. For example, if you want the channels #asm and #win32asm on EFnet to be notified, as well as #chat on LinkNet, then you would set %awaychans to be: EFnet.#asm;EFnet.#win32asm;LinkNet.#chat.

Additional Dependencies

You will need the following alias for the script to function properly:

multime {
  var %i = 1, %k, %j, %chan = $gettok($1,1,59), %network
  while (%chan != $null) {
    %network = $gettok(%chan,1,46)
    %chan = $gettok(%chan,2,46)
    %k = 1
    while (%k <= $scon(0)) {
      scon %k
      if ($network == %network)  {
        %j = 1
        while (%j <= $chan(0)) {
          if ($chan(%j) == %chan) {
            scon -t1 %k describe %chan $2-
          inc %j
      inc %k
    inc %i
    %chan = $gettok($1,%i,59)
To enter this alias, simply open the Script Editor in mIRC (Alt-R), then click the Aliases tab, and copy-paste the above code to the end.
As well, make sure the path to idlechk.dll is properly adjusted in idlechk.mrc on line 59.


To install the script, open the Script Editor in mIRC (Alt-R), then go to File -> Load and choose idlechk.mrc. Make sure you have the DLL unzipped into the same directory.


The project is released under the BSD license.

Download (2 KB)


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