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Logitech Orbit/Sphere Mover DLL Library

This DLL (dynamic-link library) will allow to control Logitech Orbit/Sphere web-cameras. As of this moment, the library is only capable of panning the camera left and right, tilting up and down, and resetting the camera position to home. It uses Logitech drivers themselves to send signals to the camera. The codes to talk with the drivers have been fished out using the 'devlog' program (included in the package), which hooks DeviceIoControl() and logs all parameters given to that API procedure. Using these log files, the commands for camera movement have been determined. This particular library, unlike others, does not require any additional system drivers, such libusb, to be installed.


void ReloadDevices();
Reloads the list of system devices to operate on.
int GetDeviceCount();
Retrieves the number of system devices to operate on.
const char* GetDevicePath(int iDeviceIndex);
Retrieves the path of a device. iDeviceIndex is in range of 0 to GetDeviceCount()-1.
HANDLE OpenDevice(const char* DevicePath);
Opens the device with specified path, and returns a handle to it.
If failed, returns 0.
Note: HANDLE is a 32-bit integer.
int CloseDevice(HANDLE hDevice);
Closes an opened device, by its handle. Returns whether operation succeeded or not.
void MoveLeft(HANDLE hDevice);
Pans camera, specified by device handle, to the left.
void MoveRight(HANDLE hDevice);
Pans camera, specified by device handle, to the right.
void MoveTop(HANDLE hDevice);
Tilts camera, specified by device handle, up.
void MoveBottom(HANDLE hDevice);
Tilts camera, specified by device handle, down.
void MoveHome(HANDLE hDevice);
Moves the camera to its home position.
void Move(HANDLE hDevice, int iPosition);
Pans and tilts the camera. iPosition can be a bitwise combination of the following:
  • MOVE_HOME = 0x00000000
  • MOVE_LEFT = 0x0000FF80
  • MOVE_RIGHT = 0x00000080
  • MOVE_TOP = 0xFF800000
  • MOVE_BOTTOM = 0x00800000

Updates - v1.1

Known Issues


The project is released under the BSD license.


logimove-1.1.rar (487 KB)

Older versions:

logimove-1.0.rar (487 KB)

Note: You need WinRAR to extract the file above.


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